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Lyme Support Bundle

Introducing our comprehensive Lyme support bundle designed to address the multifaceted challenges associated with Lyme disease. Our bundle combines four powerful supplements to provide holistic support for those dealing with Lyme-related symptoms.

  1. Lyme Nosode: Specifically formulated to offer temporary relief from minor aches in muscles or joints, chills, sweats, fatigue, or nausea associated with Lyme disease. This homeopathic remedy targets symptoms directly related to Lyme infection, providing natural relief.

  2. Deep C: This unique liposomal Vitamin C supplement delivers a potent dose of Vitamin C using a specialized delivery system. With optimal assimilation, Deep C supports immune function, collagen production, muscle repair, and overall health. It's especially beneficial for individuals with gastrointestinal sensitivities.

  3. Immune Power: Formulated to bolster the immune system, Immune Power contains a blend of herbs that support normal natural killer (NK) cell activity and cytokine balance, crucial for combating Lyme-related challenges. Suitable for long-term use, it provides essential nutrients for immune health across all age groups.

  4. LDM 100: Derived from pure Lomatium dissectum extract, LDM 100 offers immune support and promotes a healthy microbial environment. With additional Vitamin C for immune support and sunflower lecithin for enhanced absorption, this supplement aids in maintaining overall wellness.

Our Lyme support bundle addresses various aspects of Lyme disease, including immune support, symptom relief, and overall health maintenance. Whether you're dealing with acute symptoms or seeking long-term support, our bundle provides natural solutions to help you navigate the challenges of Lyme disease effectively.