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Black Haw


Black Haw has a very similar use to Cramp Bark, to which it is closely related. It is a powerful relaxant of the uterus and is used for false labor pains as well as in threatened miscarriage. Its relaxant and sedative actions explain its power in reducing blood pressure in hypertension, which happens through the relaxation of the peripheral blood vessels. 

It is well established that Black Haw has a decided affinity for the female reproductive organs and is well known for its ability to strengthen and tone the uterus.   

Cramp-like menstrual pains, uterine congestion, and chronic uterine inflammation are often greatly relieved by Black Haw. It acts promptly with the excessive flow.

Black Haw is a good remedy for excessive bleeding during menopause.  It is considered almost specific for cramps in the legs, not dependent on pregnancy, especially when occurring at night.

Black Haw herb in organic cane alcohol. (special formula) 2oz. 

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