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INDICATIONS: To cleanse mucous membrane tissues, especially of Eyes, Nose, Upper Sinus, Throat (access to Eustachian tubes); also Genito-Urinary tracts; hygiene protocol to remove germs, mucous and debris that can cause and contribute to infections.

ARGYROL® Anti-Infective microbicide is virucidal/fungicidal/bactericidal against a wide range of germs of every type including emergent strains.

ARGYROL® immediately goes to work right away to prevent/resolve/subdue inflamed and irritated mucous membrane tissues.

ARGYROL® acts to prevent/resolve/subdue infections and issues which can prevent quick healing; there is never any need to exceed recommendations. If symptoms persist or worsen, discontinue use and seek the advice of a physician, if you are not already so doing.

WARNING: Argyrol is for topical use and cannot cause Argyria by following the directions. The question of Argyria finally was solved and published in 2012 by Brown University at Prolonged or frequent use (or misuse) of any silver preparation by ingesting silver solutions into the stomach where the silver will combine with digestive hydrochloric acid in the stomach to produce silver chloride for extended periods CAN result in permanent discoloration to the skin by the sun. Argyrol cannot cause Argyria when used to reach the bloodstream through the lung or rectum. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. OVERUSE to the eyes CAN result in staining to the conjunctiva. If solution changes color or becomes cloudy, do not use.

PRECAUTION: Do not use FOR MORE THAN 72 HOURS, except under the advice and supervision of a physician.



In the EYE: use as an aid in cleansing eye of germs and/or particles, mucous and debris producing irritation or discomfort. Drop 1 to 3 drops into each eye. Repeat IF NECESSARY in 4 hours. Water or saline rinse excess from eye surround and ducts.

In NOSE and THROAT: use as an aid in cleansing of germs, mucous and debris producing irritation or discomfort. The best method is to lay down and instill 3 or 4 drops into each nostril, but you can sit down and tilt head back. Drop 3 or 4 drops into each nostril. If sitting, briefly hold head back as the Argyrol cleansing solution bathes the back of the throat to also access the throat/tonsil areas [which also directly can be swabbed or bathed with Argyrol]. Expectorate freely and rinse mouth and teeth surface. Repeat every 4 hours IF NECESSARY, for up to 72 hours.

In BRONCHIA and LUNGS: use to resolve infection. In a Nebulizer mouthpiece chamber, load for every two drops of Argyrol, one drop of saline solution to provide an adequate amount of fluid for vaporization of the Argyrol in the chamber [which requires at least 6 to 10 drops of Argyrol to properly perform]. To make stronger, use three drops of the Argyrol to one drop of saline solution. Expectorate freely and rinse mouth and teeth surface. Repeat twice daily IF NECESSARY, until condition is resolved. Disassemble the nebulizer chamber, rinse and let dry between use.

For MALE VD/STD PREVENTION/DISINFECTION: use as an aid in cleansing germs & mucin from the male urethra, within about as close to 1 hour as possible AFTER exposure. From the sitting position, gently open glans between finger and thumb. By drop or by steady stream of Argyrol with the dropper, put an amount of Argyrol without waste sufficient to bathe the urethra and allow to remain for approximately 5 minutes. Evacuate with urination and always practice good hygiene to wash w/soap&water. For rectal cleansing with a disposable bulb syringe from the kneeling position, use one dropper of Argyrol [30 drops] in approximately one and a half cup of warm water. Let the solution remain or naturally expel. Introduce with lube, one 00 gelatin cap of Argyrol can be inserted. Use Argyrex [Argyrol Sterile Dressing] for external repair of tears or abrasions.

For FEMALE VD/STD PREVENTION/DISINFECTION: use as an aid in cleansing germs & viscous material from the female vagina. Place one full dropper of Argyrol [30 drops] in approximately one and a half cups of warm water in a bulb syringe or disposable douche. Douche from a sitting position [best in slight recline in a tub and remain until most of the Argyrol solution naturally evacuates] and wear a pad to prevent stain to undergarments. Toilet or bidet can be adequate. Allow the solution naturally to eliminate for the best saturation and dispersion in case of abrasions to the tender tissues and labia surround. For rectal cleansing, use the same solution ratio for vaginal administration with a disposable bulb syringe from the kneeling position and let the solution remain or naturally expel. Use Argyrex to perianum and pubum.

For BLOODSTREAM: Nebulization instructions for lung/bronchia above can be used to introduce Agyrol Silver Protein Molecule into the bloodstream through the lung. Rectal administration also is a facile drug administration method routine in Europe. Each capsule has to be introduced immediately when filled. Use a vaseline to the anus with a gloved hand and with the same hand, hold half of the gelatin capsule and fill with Argyrol, cap and immediate insertion. Two capsules of Argyrol to one capsule of saline [for rapid absorption of the silver protein molecules across the tissue and upload into the bloodstream] is recommended. Introduce before bedtime or when rectal eliminations are least likely.