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Total Custom Formulation NX

Advanced Customization: 

This supplement protocol is designed specifically for you. After an in-depth evaluation, our providers hand-pick the highest-quality ingredients to create a formula based on your health needs. They will evaluate your health concerns, medical history, and blood tests to develop a protocol just for you. 


This is the future of personalized nutrients. Personalized NX is evolving into advanced formulated supplements.

We can customize supplements to your specific needs. Your custom formula with your unique name is a cutting-edge formulation specific to your medical history, blood tests, and health requirements.

This provides a "best of both worlds" approach that combines the low unit cost of mass production processes with the flexibility of individual customization.

Advanced Customization offers a great variety of quality formulas and individualization without a corresponding increase in costs. No more overload on multiple supplements. Meet the all-in-one capsule daily program.  

1. Lab Panels

Based on lab panels, we can use our software platform to quickly choose by ingredient and create a Customized Nutrient protocol specifically for you.

2. Consolidation

We can program your recommended formulations using our Protocol Generator which provides you with the best formula that fits you. Consolidating our patient's nutritional regimen to mitigate formula overlap and lower capsule/serving size requirements to save on cost while enhancing compliance.

3. Personalize

Personalize dosing selection for any formula to match the specific health needs of each and every one of our patients.